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You Have Never Experienced Anything Like This
why LEVERAGE . . . The Course is So Powerful For C-Level / Executives...
Why Tom believes LEVERAGE . . . the Course is Powerful For C-Level / Executives...
Tom Kunz
Past President of the largest real estate franchise in the world
Over 140,000 agents in over 80 different countries
As President of the largest real estate franchise in the world . . . I clearly saw how there was a need for . . .
  •  Breaking the Status Quo
  •  Connecting Silos
  •  Exceptional Performance! 

Benefits To C-Level . . .  
Organization wide: 
  •  Right focus, right priorities, right team 
  •  Creating culture of contribution & success 
  •  Effective communication & action across silos 
  •  Thinking as top performers think 
  •  Taking personal ownership of the problem and the solution 
  •  Helping people to “Claim Unclaimed Territory”  
  •  Giving 2nd tiered leaders confidence, wisdom, & trust 
  •  Aligning individual & group visions together 
  •  More efficient & effective through “LEVERAGE” 
  •  Reduce stress & achieve more “balance” 
Why Peter believes LEVERAGE . . . the Course is Powerful For Leaders...
Peter Miles
Past COO ~ BMW
Past President 
“As COO of BMW Group and President of Rolls-Royce Motorcars   ... I realized that visionaries, leaders of leaders, managers, and associates were . . .
“Breaking the Status Quo . . .  Creating a core “culture” . . . For delivering exceptional performance through Leverage!” 
. . . which is something that must start from the top down, bottom up, and inside out. It needs to be a part of the very clear core values, the culture, the DNA of an organization, and this course, or really what I would call a “movement”, does just that.”

Benefits To LEADERS . . .
The Team I'm Leading . . .
  • Take personal ownership
  •  Helping everyone to focus on bottom line profits
  •  Becoming a Leader of Leaders
  •  Right focus, right priorities, right team
  •  Creating culture of contribution & success 
  •  Effective communication & action across silos 
  •  Helping people to “Claim Unclaimed Territory” 
  •   Empowering next level team members to take personal ownership and sell their ideas
  •  Aligning individual & group visions together 
  •  LEVERAGE the talents for every team member
  •  Reduce stress & achieve more “balance” for everyone on the team through best practices
Why Alan and Nancy believe LEVERAGE . . . the Course is Powerful For Owners...
Alan Stein
Nancy Virts
Owners / Founders
“Getting our employees/ team members to think like owners is critical to our success . . .
“We had tried so many things for so many years and invested so much time and money . . .  
. . . it's amazing how hard it is to get people to Think Differently.  LEVERAGE . . . The Course is really unlike any other course we or our employees / team members have gone through.

Every employee, even part time high school students doing internships, should go through this course.  

How one course can be more valuable than an entire college education is hard to believe, but it's true.”
Benefits To OWNERS . . .
Helping Employees Think Like Owners . . .
  • Think Differently ~ Quickly!
  •  Think like an owner
  •  Take personal ownership
  •  Employees treating their own work areas / roles, like mini companies, mini profit centers
  •  Apply Discovery Learning in every area of life
  •  Having systems to change our company culture one person at a time
  •  Creating culture of not being entitled or self centered by having a passion to help others
  •  “Claiming Unclaimed Territory” and applying other Natural Laws to every area of one's life
  •   Helping students, young adults, women, minorities, and those without college education to see their own amazing value, their own genius, their own passions and to discover their life vision and live it each and every day
  •  Aligning everyone's visions together 
  •  LEVERAGE talents and sell the best ideas
How do we as owners convey our passion, our heart, the artistry, and our love for what we do and our clients to every team member?  This is truly what LEVERAGE is all about.
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