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You Have Never Experienced Anything Like This
Why LEVERAGE . . . The Course Is So Powerful For Employees...
Why Sheryl believes LEVERAGE . . . the Course is Powerful For HR Leaders...
Sheryl Neighoff
HR Director
Tanglewood Conservatories
  •  Fast & Easy
  •  Affordable
  •  Simple 
“Every HR Director and manager would benefit from this course. I realized that everyone, including myself and all of our employees, are in sales and this course helps people to get what they WANT, because it helps them to understand what they want to achieve, what others want to achieve, and how to LEVERAGE it properly.
I wish I had taken this course years ago and we will be building this course directly into our hiring, training, and mentoring systems.  

It was amazing to see the President of our company take the course side by side with a high school/college intern and to see how she taught the President how to Think Differently.  It was a tipping point in our company!” 

Benefits To HR Leaders . . .  
Organization wide: 
  •  Hiring the right people at the right time with the right “DNA” to fit in with the core culture
  •  On-boarding systems to instill core culture and values while capturing best practices
  •  Understanding cross functional thinking 
  •  Develop leaders into top performers who think “differently” 
  •  “Develop” your people 
  •  Creating leaders of leaders 
  •  Aligning personal & team visions together. Win Win Win from day one
  •  Increase effectiveness, reduce stress, create balance, LEVERAGE
  •  Required only 1 hour a week for 7 weeks and could be done by employees 24/7 and even at home 

Why Matt believes LEVERAGE . . . the Course is Powerful For Sales Managers...
Matt Maple
  •  Well thought out
  •  Great ROI
  •  Innovative 
“I often sense that I’m pushing my sales force to do things rather than having the systems do the work. 

 LEVERAGE The Course helps me to learn from mistakes, see opportunities to Think Differently quickly which then gives me the ability to help those I’m leading to Think Differently and succeed as well. 

This course will be taken by every sales person I lead and through this course they will learn how to Motivate & Manipulate in a POSITIVE way to bring a mutual WIN WIN WIN for everyone involved.

Helping everyone realize they are in sales and we're all connected to sales . . . servicing our clients in the most amazing way and generating massive numbers of referrals.
Benefits To Sales Managers . . .
The Team I'm Leading . . .
  • Create better and stronger systems
  •  Partner with marketing to create more and better leads, converting more leads into sales
  •  Fully integrate Pre-Sales with Sales
  •  Partner with Servicing to capture our best stories and feed those success stories back into marketing, building systems which are referral machines
  •  More effective “create demand” 
  •  More efficient and effective closing 
  •  Consume less time and less resources 
  •  Cross functional “partnerships” from within 
  •  Develop associates to be top performers 
  •  Create customer advocates from exceptional service 
  •  LEVERAGE technology to increase productivity throughout 
  •  Less stress, less work time through better LEVERAGE 
  •  Better “work life balance” 
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